Toutouhome - Pension for dogs

My dream for the future

A small boarding house for dogs 

with French luxury

I have started all this to change my life.

That’s a dream that I can realise with only a little help.

I have been around dogs and lived with dogs all my life.

I have raised several dogs and took care of many more, they have always fulfilled my life.

I can't live without a dog, and if I don't have a dog around, I feel lonely.

Because of my love for dogs, I decided that I want to work with dogs on a more professional level.

A dog boarding house is the best for this! 

It would be much more than a kennel.

The opening of a dog boarding house is bound by rules. I have done my research and noted everything from the government website.

1 - Must bring a diploma - ACACED

I want to complete the course in January-February 2023. No problem with that!

2 - A suitable location

This is the most important and most difficult part of my project.

That is where I need help.

Here are the features of the terrain:

  • Since I wasn't thinking about a large dog park, a maximum of 49 dogs, there is no need for a large area. I want a homely environment for the dogs!
  • I would like to be near Paris, if possible in the areas of Croissy-sur-Seine, Le Vesinet, Montesson, Saint-German-en-Laye. I've lived here for several years, I know the area, but I am flexible, it could be anywhere else.
  • It should be not far from residence area, perhaps at least 100 meters away from any residential area.
  • There would be a wooden house or some other (non-fixed) building for dogs and staff. It would consist of a large common area for the dogs, an examination-first aid-washroom, a kitchen, a storeroom, a small shower, toilet and a relax room.
  • As the law requires to make individual kennels for each there would be kennels also. Personally, I don't like to see dogs in cages, I like them to play together freely.
  • I want a 100% eco-friendly guesthouse!

If there is no electricity or water in the area, no problem!

Electricity - Solar Energy

Water - Water collection and filtration


I have to leave the area where I live soon, and I have six months left!

It would be important to find a suitable place for the dog boarding house quickly!

I have some money saved up, but I want to spend it on the dog boarding house and not on a debt collector!

It would be ideal to move to that place straight away.

Why am I suitable for such a job?!

  • Because my life revolves around dogs.
  • By the time I was 50, I calmed down and became somewhat serious!
  • I'm ready for this now!
  • I want to do this work every day of the year, 24 hours a day.
  • I've done it before and so I have some experience.

I am a web master, editing websites is a fun exercise for me.

I am creating a fully functional professional website of this presentation site.

  • Webshop for products and equipment for dogs
  • List of veterinarians, and animal associations
  • Useful tips
  • Adopt us! List of dogs ready for a forever home
  • Photos and videos
  • I will promote a strong campaign on social media

And I am able to provide much more services on the site.

I have all the tools.

My Web Site:


I have a solution for every problem!

Since I have done a lot of things in the past, I can do a large part of the work in the field by myself.